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Pre-examination (booking)

What information do I need to make an appointment for an immigration health examination?

You need a HAP ID from the Department of Home Affairs. This applies to both clients who have already lodged a visa application and clients who are choosing to complete health examinations upfront. Information on where to find a HAP ID is available on the Home Affairs website.

To book your appointment using our online booking tool, you will also need a valid passport. Note: If you have a valid passport, you MUST bring this to the examination. If you don’t have a valid passport, please refer to the Home Affairs guidelines.

Is there anything else I need to do before my appointment?

You must have completed the eMedical Client process as outlined on the Home Affairs website before your appointment.

Can I change or cancel my immigration health examination appointment?

You can change your appointment through our online booking system by selecting Modify/Cancel Booking or by calling the Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. You will require the HAP ID you used to make the appointment to make changes to a booking.

Can we book as a family?

Family appointments are available through the online booking system by selecting a Family Booking or by calling the Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. You will need a HAP ID and passport for every family member and a valid email address.

Can I book an appointment for someone else?

Yes. You need to have the person's HAP ID from the Department of Home Affairs, his or her valid passport number and email address. Please note the person's identity will be checked using his or her passport at his or her immigration health examination appointment, unless an exemption has been granted by the Department.

How can I find my nearest Medical Centre to book for an immigration health examination?

Information about our centre locations are on our website. You can also search for your postcode and the nearest assessment centres will be displayed for you.

What if I have already had a visa medical for a different visa?

If you have completed a visa medical within the last 12 months and you are required to do the same exams for a different visa, please contact your Visa Processing Officer to have the exams copied to your new HAP ID.

Can I use my own exam results or see my own doctor?

Medical exams are completed to satisfy a public interest criteria relating to health. It is a requirement for medicals to be completed at Bupa Medical Clinics as they are the medical provider contracted to the Department of Home Affairs and to maintain specimen integrity and security to ensure the samples taken are from the individuals being examined. Specific visa requirements state that Public Interest Criteria must be followed and that extra tests may be required. Clinics other than Bupa may not be aware of the Public Interest Criteria.

For more information please contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 881 from 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday (AEST) and they will be able to assist with your enquiry.

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How much will my immigration health examination cost?

A price list for the different types of immigration health examinations is available on our website.

Please note, if our health professionals request further tests to complete your examination then additional payments will be required. Immigration health examination are considered an ‘assessment of health’ and are not covered by private health insurance or Medicare. Fees are subject to change from 1 July each year.

Please note that credit card payments attract a 0.75% surcharge. Cash will not be accepted at the centres, however EFTPOS is available at no charge.

Can I get a refund for immigration health examination?

Yes. If you prepaid for an immigration health examination and no longer require one, download the refund request form from our website and mail it to the address supplied on the form. Please note you will need to provide a copy of your tax receipt with your completed form. This can be scanned and emailed to

What happens if I miss my immigration health examination appointment and have pre-paid?

24 hours notice of cancellation or moving an appointment is required.  It is important to give Bupa as much notice as possible to ensure appointments can be made available to other customers.  You can re-schedule your appointment to another time at least 24 hours prior to your appointment through our online booking system by selecting Modify/Cancel Booking or by calling the Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. You require the HAP ID you used to make the appointment to make changes to a booking.

Can I claim the fees for my visa medical on my health insurance?

Immigration health examinations are considered an ‘assessment of health’ and are not covered by private health insurance or Medicare. Fees are subject to change from 1 July each year. Please click here to view our fees.

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Checklist (Australian Medical Visas only)

What important information do I need to know before I arrive for my appointment?

Please allow at least 2 hours for your immigration health examination. Eat and drink as normal prior to your appointment. You need to have a valid passport and completed the health declaration in eMedical to receive a copy of your HAP ID and Department of Home Affairs Referral Letter to bring with you on the day. If you are menstruating, it is recommended that you make your appointment for 4-6 days after you have finished menstruating.

What do I need to bring on the day?

For your appointment you must bring:

• Current valid passport or a passport which has expired within two (2) years of the health examination date, unless exempted by the Home Affairs. Drivers licences are not accepted.


You should also bring:

• an eMedical referral letter, a Health Examinations list or other equivalent documentation provided to you by the department

• prescription glasses or contact lenses

• any specialist’s report/s about your medical condition

• if you have previously been investigated or treated for TB, please bring prior records relating to this treatment such as specialist reports of x-rays

We request that valuables and jewellery are not brought to the examination.

What happens if I don’t have a valid passport?

All visa applicants attending Bupa for a health examination must bring a valid passport or a passport which has expired within two (2) years of the health examination date in order to have their identity verified before the examination can commence.

If you do not have an acceptable passport, Immicard, or current valid emergency travel or temporary travel document may also be accepted for the purposes of identification. Please contact your visa processing officer for advice before making an appointment to undergo your health examinations.

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How can I get to Bupa Medical Visa Services?

Bupa does not have any on-site parking. All medical centres are close to public transport. Please see below to view public transport and parking options.

3 minute walk from Wynyard train station.
3 minute walk from Parramatta train station or parking available in Westfield

5 minute walk from Southern Cross train station or parking available in Mayfield Street and Aurora Lane.

5 minute walk from Esplande Train Station or parking available in the Convention Centre on Mount Bay Rd.

7 minute walk from Pirie Street tram station or parking available at Hindmash Square carpark.

10 minute walk from Brisbane Central train station or parking available in Mary Street and Margaret Street.

How long will the immigration health examination take?

Please arrive on time for your appointment and allow approximately 2 hours for your examination to be completed.

What if I need an interpreter?

We can provide a telephone interpreter for your health examination if you need help to speak with our health professionals during your appointment.

What happens if I forget required items on the day?

If you do not bring your passport and HAP ID we will not be able to conduct your examination, unless you have been granted an exemption by the Home Affairs. Refer to What do I need to bring on the day?

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Do I need to provide a photo for my immigration health examination appointment?

No, however, to confirm your identity you will be required to have your photo taken on the day. Please note your face must be uncovered for the photo. Privacy screens are available if required. Please do not bring in your own photograph, Bupa will take a photo when you are in the clinic.

If I arrive early to my appointment will I be seen earlier?

No. Please arrive at your appointment on time. All appointments are pre-scheduled and you will be checked-in for your scheduled appointment block even if you arrive early.

What if I haven't completed the eMedical Client process?

If you have not completed it before your appointment you will be asked to complete it on a computer in the arrival lounge. We request that you complete this process online prior to your appointment where possible to ensure your examination is completed on time.

Who do I contact to find out if my visa has been granted?

Bupa Medical is unable to provide you with advice about the processing of your visa application. If you have confirmed that your eMedical case has been submitted and need further advice, please contact your case officer or visit Home Affairs website for further information:

Note: If you have an ImmiAccount, Home Affairs requests that you log on to your account and check any available visa status information before contacting them

General information regarding the immigration health examination process can also be found on the Home Affairs website.

How can I provide feedback on my experience with Bupa?

You can provide feedback on our website. If you are at a medical centre you can request a feedback form. Bupa Medical Visa Services welcomes your feedback.

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Results and follow up

How can I obtain my results?

To obtain a copy of your X-ray CD, please provide the following information by email to

Patient Name
Exam Date
Postal Address

We will send the form to Health Care Imaging and you should receive a CD in the mail within 5 working days.

To obtain a copy of your pathology results, please contact your nearest laboratory.
WA - Western Diagnostics - 136 199
QLD – QML Pathology - (07) 3121 4555
VIC - Dorevitch Pathology - (03) 9244 0472
SA - Abbotts Pathology - (08) 8159 7900
NSW - please complete this form and post it to the address on the form, or fax it to (02) 9770 1068.
NT/TAS/ACT – please contact the clinic that you had your tests at to obtain your results.

NOTE: The above numbers apply if you have had an assessment at a Bupa Dedicated assessment centre ONLY. If you have had your medical assessment at an Independent or Sonic Clinic, you must contact the clinic directly to obtain your results.

What happens after I have completed my visa medical?

Bupa Medical Visa Services will submit your results to the Department of Home Affairs. Please allow 5 business days for the visa medical assessment stage before your results are available.

If you have an ImmiAccount you can check the status of your application online.

If you have any questions following your visa medical assessment, contact your visa processing office.

Why have I received a letter asking me to see a Chest Clinic?

As a result of your examination, a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth may request further information as outlined in your 884 letter. Compliance with this request is a legal requirement of your visa application. Your nearest Chest Clinic will contact you using the details you provided at the time of booking to arrange an appointment when available. If you have changed your contact information, please contact us so we can update it.

Note: The chest clinics are run by the State Health Department and as a result it may take up to two months for you to recieve your appointment time. We appreciate your patience.

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What if I prefer to be seen by a female doctor?

Please let the receptionist know when you check-in for your immigration health examination and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

What do I need to do to prepare for an X-Ray?

If you are having an x-ray, you will be asked to remove all jewellery from the waist up and tie long hair up. We request that valuables and jewellery are not brought to the examination.

Can I complete an immigration health examination if I am menstruating?

It is not advised to complete a urine test whilst you are menstruating as this may alter the results.

Please make your appointment for 5 days after you have finished menstruating. You can reschedule your appointment by clicking here or by calling our contact centre on 1300 794 919.

If I usually wear a head covering, can I wear this to my immigration health examination?

If you wear a head covering, you can still wear this to the immigration health examination. However, at some points of the examination, your face must be clearly visible for a photograph to be taken at reception and also in the examination rooms. Your face must be clearly seen from the bottom of your chin to above your eyebrows, including both cheeks for the photo and identity checks.

Can I complete a chest x-ray examination (502) if I am pregnant?
A booking cannot be made by customers who are under 14 weeks pregnant. For more information please call our contact centre on 1300 794 919. If you are over 14 weeks pregnant and choose to do the chest X-ray, you may proceed with the examination as normal.
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What does it mean if my child requires a Tuberculosis Screening Test (719)?

The Tuberculosis Screening Test (719) is used by Home Affairs to identify children who require x-ray screening for TB as part of their immigration health examination, but is not a test for active tuberculosis (TB) disease.

What happens if the Tuberculosis Screening Test (719) result is negative?

Bupa will not contact you if your child’s QFT-Plus test result is negative. If you do not hear from us after the appointment, this means the result was negative. If you would like to request a copy of the test result, please ask our Bupa team when you arrive for your appointment or alternatively email us at

What happens if the Tuberculosis Screening Test (719) test result is positive?

If your child’s blood test is positive Home Affairs requires two chest x-rays as part of their visa health assessment. Our contact centre will call you to arrange an appointment for this service. An additional fee is required.

The positive result does not mean that your child is sick. Most people who have the TB germ in their body have no symptoms and feel healthy. This is called “latent” infection. Also the QFT-Plus test sometimes produces positive results in people who have not been exposed to TB. Unfortunately, there is no test available which is 100% reliable for this purpose.

Some children have symptoms of TB but these are often mild. Symptoms in children can include chronic irritability, a failure to gain weight, tiredness, or fevers. Although these symptoms may be due to conditions other than TB, please let our staff know when you attend the clinic if your child has had these symptoms.

If my child requires a chest x-ray after a positive Tuberculosis Screening Test (719) result, what happens after chest x-ray?

If your child requires chest x-ray, regardless of the result, your child’s health records will be sent to a TB clinic in your area. They will contact you to arrange a visit to their clinic for further checks.

If your child’s chest x-ray result is normal, Bupa will finalise your child’s visa health assessment and forward this result to Home Affairs.

If your child’s chest x-ray shows an abnormality that might be TB, they may need to be treated. TB can be cured if treatment is taken correctly. All testing and treatment provided by TB clinics in Australia is free of charge.

How will a positive Tuberculosis Screening Test (719) result affect my child’s visa?

Your child’s visa application may be delayed by the additional tests. However, even if your child has TB, once this has been successfully treated, the visa application can proceed.

Who can I bring with me to the appointment?

As an appointment can take up to 2 hours to complete, it is not recommended that friends or family wait.
Please note, our medical centres strictly allow entry only to those with an immigration health examination.

Can I attend my child's appointment?

A legal guardian or parent can be present during a child under 16 years old immigration health examination. Children who are 16 years of age or older and are not attending via a Family booking must undergo an immigration health examination by themselves.

Can I bring my child under 16 to an appointment who does not require an immigration health examination?

It is recommended that you find alternative child minding arrangements as we do not have a child minding facility on-site. If your child is over the age of 16 they will be unable to accompany you during your immigration health examination.

TB Screening Test Information Sheet
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Visa Sub Class

Where do I find my Visa Sub Class?

Your Visa Subclass will be displayed on visa and health related correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs. It will also be displayed in eMedical Client, and accessible via your ImmiAccount if you have lodged an online application or a My Health Declaration form.

How do I organise a carer immigration health examination?

If you have been advised that you need to make an appointment for a carer immigration health examination, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. You cannot book these appointments online.

How do I organise a Health Undertaking?

If you have been advised that you need an appointment for a Health Undertaking, please email us at or call our Contact Centre on 1300 794 919. These appointments cannot be made online. When emailing us please provide us with the following details:

• Your full name

• Date of birth

• HAP ID number (if known)

• Passport number

• Date of arrival

• Current address in Australia

• Email address

• Australian contact number

• Do you require an interpreter? If so, for which language? (If Chinese, please specify Mandarin or Cantonese)

• Do you have any plans to travel outside Australia in the next 6 months? If so, what is your departure date?

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