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Australian Immigration Health Examination Fees

Please Note: Fees for Canadian, New Zealand differ from Australian.

Canadian Fees
New Zealand Fees

The fees for the examinations provided by Bupa and our partners are listed below. Your letter from the Department of Home Affairs will list the standard examinations your visa requires. The fees vary depending on where you choose to have your examination.

Please note if our health professional request further tests to complete your examination, additional payments will be necessary.

Bupa Centres are close to public transport, have family friendly facilities and are near shopping centres, cafes and restaurants.

Bupa Centres
Partner B
Partner C
Partner D
Medical Examination
Bupa Centres$232.40
Partner B Centres$232.40
Partner C Centres**$254.40
Partner D Centres**$277.50
Medical Examination and Chest X-ray
Bupa Centres$321.20
Partner B Centres$346.20
Partner C Centres**$379.20
Partner D Centres**$413.60
Chest X-ray
(includes photo and postage)
Bupa Centres$120.10
Partner B Centres$147.90
Partner C Centres**$162.70
Partner D Centres**$177.50
TB Screening Test
Interferon-Gamma Release Array (IGRA)
Bupa Centres$91.70
Partner B Centres$91.70
Partner C Centres**$91.70
Partner D Centres**$91.70
Paediatric Chest X-ray
(Posterior-Anterior and Lateral projection)
Bupa Centres$124.90
Partner B Centres$124.90
Partner C Centres**$124.90
Partner D Centres**$124.90
Carer Visa Examination (on papers)
Bupa Centres$308.00
Partner B Centres$308.00
Partner C Centres**$308.00
Partner D Centres**$308.00
Carer Visa Examination (in-Centre)
Bupa Centres$352.50
Partner B Centres$352.50
Partner C Centres**$352.50
Partner D Centres**$352.50
Carer Visa Home Examination Zone 1
Bupa Centres$480.30
Partner B Centres$480.30
Partner C Centres**$480.30
Partner D Centres**$480.30
Carer Visa Home Examination Zone 2
Bupa Centres$592.60
Partner B Centres$592.60
Partner C Centres**$592.60
Partner D Centres**$592.60
Carer Visa Home Examination Zone 3
Bupa Centres$707.20
Partner B Centres$707.20
Partner C Centres**$707.20
Partner D Centres**$707.20
Carer Visa Home Examination Zone 4
Bupa Centres$819.50
Partner B Centres$819.50
Partner C Centres**$819.50
Partner D Centres**$819.50
HIV Blood Test
(as part of a medical exam)
Bupa Centres$50.00
Partner B Centres$50.00
Partner C Centres**$55.00
Partner D Centres**$55.00
HIV Blood test on its own
Bupa Centres$81.20
Partner B Centres$81.20
Partner C Centres**$89.30
Partner D Centres**$89.30
Hep B or C Pathology
(as part of a medical exam)
Bupa Centres$57.80
Partner B Centres$57.80
Partner C Centres**$63.60
Partner D Centres**$63.60
Hep B Pathology on its own
Bupa Centres$89.00
Partner B Centres$89.00
Partner C Centres**$97.80
Partner D Centres**$97.80
Hep C Pathology on its own
Bupa Centres$89.00
Partner B Centres$89.00
Partner C Centres**$97.80
Partner D Centres**$97.80
Syphilis (VDRL) blood test
(as part of a medical exam)
Bupa Centres$41.10
Partner B Centres$41.10
Partner C Centres**$45.30
Partner D Centres**$45.30
Syphilis (VDRL) blood test on its own
Bupa Centres$72.30
Partner B Centres$72.30
Partner C Centres**$79.50
Partner D Centres**$79.50

All fees above are displayed with GST included, and current for appointments attended up to 30 June 2020.

Bupa Centres include: Parramatta, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth

Partner B Centres include: Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Wollongong, Newcastle, Southport and Dandenong

Partner C Centres include: Coffs Harbour, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Cairns, Mackay, Mt Isa, Toowoomba, Townsville, Gladstone, Pt Augusta and Bendigo

Partner D Centres include: Alice Springs, Launceston, Albany, Bunbury, Geraldton, Albury, Mildura, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Broome**, Carnarvon**, Kalgoorlie**, Karratha**, Newman**, and Kununurra**.

** Pricing for Newman, Karratha, Carnarvon, Kununurra, Kalgoorlie and Broome centres vary as follows;

Medical examination ONLY:

Price (inc GST)
Medical Examination
Price (inc GST)$277.50

Medical examination AND chest x-ray:

Price (inc GST)
Medical Examination
Price (inc GST)$237.60
Chest X-ray
Price (inc GST)$310.00
Price (inc GST)$547.60

Chest x-ray ONLY:

Price (inc GST)
Administration Fee
Price (inc GST)$20.00
Chest X-ray
Price (inc GST)$310.00
Price (inc GST)$330.00

Payment Methods

Payment for health examinations can be made online through our booking system using Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Credit card payments attract a 0.495% surcharge.

Cash will not be accepted at the centres, however EFTPOS is available at no charge.

Immigration health examinations are not covered by private health insurance or Medicare.


If you have cancelled an appointment and made a payment, or you have not attended an appointment which you have paid for, you will need to obtain a refund as the money cannot be moved once your appointment time has passed.

To request a refund, please call the contact centre on 1300 794 919 or email BMVS Enquiries on

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